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2. Nordic Workshop on Health and Welfare of fish held in RAS

Fischproduktion in Kreislaufanlage ©Yvonne Rößner
19.11.2018 bis 20.11.2018

Am 19. und 20. November findet in Oslo der zweite "Nordic Workshop on Health and Welfare of fish held in RAS" statt. Dieser Workshop bringt Fisch-Produzenten, Veterinäre und Wissenschaftler zusammen und diskutiert die aktuellsten Herausforderungen in der Fischproduktion in Kreislaufanlagen. Der erste Workshop dieser Art hat 2015 in Finnland stattgefunden (ehemaliges Programm & Präsentationen).

Second Nordic Workshop on Health and Welfare of fish held in RAS

The organizing committee on of the 2015 meeting continues to address the health and welfare on fish reared in recirculation aquaculture systems, and therefore wish to invite you to the 2nd Nordic Workshop on the same topic, to be held on the

Adamstuen veterinary Campus
in Oslo, Norway 19-20 November 2018

The workshop will comprise five sessions, including:

    updates from the field
    non-infectious diseases and disorders
    infectious diseases
    disease control and biosecurity
    systems for monitoring health and welfare

Our aim is to gather people from the fish farming industry and the academia in the Nordic countries with an interest for fish health to discuss the latest biological challenges in RAS production of fish. The number of RAS facilities are increasing together with a rapid technological development within this field. This workshop will focus on the fish health and welfare within the RAS-production across the Nordic countries.

Submission of abstracts is possible until 15 October for further inquiries.

Registration is now open!

        Registration before 15th of October: € 300 or 3 000 NOK
        Registration after 15th of October: € 400 or 4 000 NOK
        Students (bachelor or master level): € 60 or 600 NOK

Workshop fee:

        includes scientific program, coffee and lunch day 1 and 2, evening meal day 1.
        does not include hotel, and has to be arranged at own cost.
        has to be paid with credit card upon completion of registration form.


Paul J Midtlyng and David Persson, NMBU School of Veterinary Medicine